All about Sama Dance | History, Meaning, Features

We don’t know how familiar you are with Sufis and Rumi or sama dance. But even if you don’t know the exact meaning of these words and its origin, you must have seen the picture of Dervishes in postcards, who are ecstatic¬† with their special clothes and hats, whirling rhythmically. Sama means listening to a…

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Teaching Your Children How to Meditate

Teaching Meditation to Children + Its Effects on Kids

Teaching Meditation to Children?! Why should we teach meditation to children? What can be the effect of meditation on children? Can it improve the mental health of school-aged children and help them feel more optimistic? In today’s world, new technologies and especially computer games have filled most of the children’s time! Considering the destructive effects…

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emotional and physical benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation, How It Can Affect Your Brain

The further we go, the more advanced the principles of meditation become. In fact, today on most social networks we see people talking about the benefits of meditation for us. There are even people who teach modern meditation courses to their trainees in training centers or even online. Have you really thought about meditation and…

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