who is ibn sina

Ibn Sina Biography, Everything You Need to Know

Ibn Sina or Abu Ali Sina was a genius Iranian scientist who is famous worldwide. The skill of this great sage in all sciences, especially medicine, is very surprising and remarkable. Abu Ali Hussein bin Abdullah bin Hassan bin Ali bin Sina, known as Abu Ali Sina (commonly known in the West as Avicenna), is…

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How many styles of yoga are there?

14 Types of Yoga | Different Styles of Yoga Exercise

We must say that yoga is more than stretching. Yoga is not just physical movements. Rather, it is the philosophy of balancing your mind and emotions with life. Yoga is not a religion. It’s just a systematic approach to overcoming mental obstacles. Yoga postures (called asanas) are only part of the overall picture that yoga…

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Symptoms of Down Syndrome | Can It be Diagnosed?

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that may manifest itself in the baby’s body at the very beginning of birth. In fact, these people have an extra chromosome and suffer from a series of mental limitations. Fortunately, in recent years, people have become more aware of this disease, and with the support of the society,…

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