Why going vegan is good for your health

Why going vegan food diet is good for your health?

Someone who eats a vegan food diet avoids eating foods (or consuming products) that were produced by killing animals. Vegan diets tremendously consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds—including grains, and legumes like black beans, chickpeas, peanuts, lentils, and soybeans. The benefits of going vegan food diet for the health 1. Better Heart Health The…

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Rumi dance's benefits

Rumi Dance; history and benefits

History The Sufi ritual of sama was initiated in the 13th century by the mystic poet Jalaleddin Muhammad Rumi. The legend narrates that he was going toward a goldsmith and came away dancing to the melodic sound of a hammer. He felt harmony in the work; he sang love poems with loud, melodic sounds. He…

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What Is Sound Healing

How does sound healing work?

If we want to define Sound healing more precisely, Sound is omnipresent specific sounds and frequencies that can improve healing in people. What Is Sound Healing? Sound healing is the process of utilizing particular sound frequencies to improve well-being. This practice involves both making use of one’s voice and listening to other voices and sounds.…

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what is bodhisattva in Buddhism

what is bodhisattva in Buddhism?

what does bodhisattva mean in Buddhism? In Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is a person who postpones enlightenment so as to contribute all living beings to accomplishing liberation (Nirvana). The word itself consist of the words bodhi which does mean “edification, enlightenment” and sattva which can be translated as “soul, being.” Piece together, Bodhisattva in Buddhism can…

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What is Karma's meaning

What does Karma’s meaning?

1. What is Karma’s meaning? Karma’s meaning in Sanskrit is ”action”. In most Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, this concept is considered an important one that refers to a cycle cause-and-effect. In other words, Karma refers to the actions and consequences of the actions. When you get back whatever you put forth into…

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Ikigai meaning | benefits and examples

an old Japanese philosophy that has surrounded the way Japanese people live is the ikigai’s meaning. Some assume that it’s even the reason for their joy and long life. It is not surprising that western culture has decided to use it as their way of detecting a meaningful occupation. What is Ikigai’s meaning? Ikigai is…

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